Investing is the path to your financial freedom. It is putting your money to
work for you and your future.

How I help You Achieve Your Dreams

Investing can be a confusing and overwhelming prospect for many people. By making the complex simple and easy to understand I help you develop clarity on where you want to go and the best way to get there.

The foundation of a successful investment plan is having a clear goal to strive for. Then putting together a portfolio of investments to achieve that goal as soon as possible.

I sit down with you to figure out clear and time bound goals for your financial future. From there we create an investment strategy that enables you to reach your financial goals as efficiently as possible without taking unnecessary risks along the way.

I am with you at every step along the way, measuring your progress, managing risks and making changes on your behalf when need be.

Rest assured that we know what is most important is that you get the level of growth from your investments that align with your objectives so you reap the rewards and live the life you want.

Investment advice and implementation you can trust

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Nigel Tate Financial Planning Limited
PO Box 9449, Hamilton 2015
Telephone: 64 7 838 3300
Call Free: 0800 TO PLAN
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